2024 Winter Conference Presentations

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Reclaiming Your Time Though Delegation – Matt Griswold

Communication Styles – Matt Griswold

The World’s Least Boring Presentation on Cybersecurity and HIPAA - Ron Shoe and Ryan Beale

Navigating the AI Wave in Healthcare: What could our future hold? - Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE

Surviving Chaos: Private Practices Facing New Realities – Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE

Navigating the Growing Crisis: Effective Recruitment and Retention of Healthcare Talent – Jennifer Thompson

An Administrator’s Perspective of Private Equity – Greg Shoemaker, MBA, CMPE

From 8 Track to Emoji – Billie Smith

Come Monday You’ll Be Alright: A New Practice Manager’s Guide to Excellence - Joni Wyatt, MHA, MHIA, CPHIMS, FHIMSS

Accountability without Accusation – Billie Smith 

2024 Healthcare Law Update – Kelli Fleming, JD and Jessie Bekker, JD

Unleashing the Power of People Analytics – Katie Howard, PHR

Sailing the Medicare Seas: Navigating the Physician Fee Schedule - Stewart Garner, MSHA, CMPE

Protect Your Practice, 8 Essential HR Rules to Follow – Katie Howard, PHR

Riveting Financial Statement Analysis and Presentation – Maddox Casey, CPA

The Future of Healthcare in a Post-Pandemic World – Ron Howrigon

The Transformation Equation – Paul Evans